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How Stories Affect Decision Making

People are attracted to stories. “We are social creatures and this is how we relate to other people.” It is also how we influence and/or are influenced by others. It’s no surprise. We humans have been communicating through stories for centuries as a means of influencing behaviours and politics. Centuries ago, people passed information from one person to another via storytelling long before they could read or write. As a result, today our brains are hardwired to listen to and respond to stories.

When Cliques are your fault

If you have ever been part of the leadership of a board, you have no doubt heard the complaint that your group is too cliquey. A Clique is any small group of people, with shared interests or other features in […]

Tips for Motivating the Unmotivated

Motivating yourself can be difficult at times, but motivating other people offers a different kind of challenge. Short of standing behind them with a pitchfork and an evil grin, or offering them a gazillion dollars, what can you do to […]

Is “Motivation” a dying subject topic?

In my novels, (The Accidental Audience and Chasing Rhinos), the main character has to wrestle with her own mental toughness and perception biases in order to succeed at her profiling business.
So if motivation is a dying art – how do we frame up the emotional unrest that most of us feel as we navigate the ups and downs of our passions, hobbies and careers?

Coping with (Dare I say) Toxic feedback

Over years of speaking at conferences and teaching courses, I’ve observed a clear pattern. Only a third of the room will ever bother to fill in the evaluation (unless there are prizes somehow attached). Of those, a fraction of the responses (5%) will suggest I’m the best speaker in the world, and another fraction of the responses (5%) will suggest that I’m the worst speaker in the world. Neither of these are true, and I know it.

Time for a video pep talk?

Have you ever felt disillusioned with your current relationships? Attitude? Life? I think we all can suffer from this occasionally and I know I have. There are times when my motivation or gratitude is at an all time low, and then other times when it is at an all time high. There are times when I am waiting for things to improve on my behalf and other times when I feel like a Magician – just making good stuff happen all around me. So how do we do the latter more often?

Overcoming Procrastination

Are you overwhelmed? Then begin by breaking the job down into smaller, more manageable sections with realistic deadlines. Take it one step at a time, and as you finish each section, the job will seem less overwhelming.

Aspire to Create Resolutions you might actually keep!

So the new year is underway and despite the fact that you very consciously did NOT make any New Year’s resolutions, you find yourself pondering that perhaps you should have.

You’re not alone. Even though you have in years past resolved to lose weight, exercise more, take up painting, travel the world, write the perfect novel, find a cure for all diseases, eradicate war the world over, you – and countless other sensible people like you – have finally come to the conclusion that New Year’s resolutions are not for you.

Does your ego need spanx?

Do you think (and rightly so) that the world revolves around you? Do you feel that you and only you can fix problems? Do you believe – no, not believe … know – that you are always right? In other […]

What can you do when your boss is a bully

Your boss is a bully (read: manipulator, control freak, tyrant, power junkie, obnoxious jerk). No matter how hard you work, you always do something wrong. No matter how many hours unpaid OT you put in, it isn’t enough. Your boss demeans you in front of your colleagues and then laughs it off as a ‘joke.’ He/she belittles your work under the guise of ‘constructive criticism.’ When you attempt to bring the subject up, the leadership team circles the wagons, and you are left feeling stranded. You are filled with stress and anxiety and your work life is almost unbearable. What can you do?